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385 Words - Posted on 1st Oct 2018

Collaborations: Why collaborate? We were talking about the symbiotic relationship between David and Daren, where the creative imagination of one is matched by the interpretative abilities of the other, and the remarkable results that have been ... more

Wood: Keep looking

400 Words - Posted on 26th Aug 2018
Machine room timber image triptych left

Furniture making keeps you humble, no two ways about it. Pieces made from this wonderful substance we call wood simply can’t be thrown together. Do that and you’ll end up with junk. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Literally every piece of ... more

Brilliant light

360 Words - Posted on 28th Jun 2018
Rowden Atelier fine furniture making school

Let there be... Now, depending on where you are in the world, it might not be the middle of Summer, but there are days here when it sure feels like we are.  Summers in the UK are not actually like many people in the UK imagine Summers to be ... more

Some 40 hour weeks are longer than a 50 hour week

364 Words - Posted on 6th Jun 2018

Working nine to five, what a way to make a living… Dolly had a thing or two to say about working a standard week in a company for a salary. For many folk it’s a good way to be. It’s usually stable, with a reliable salary and you can switch off ... more

No such thing as an offcut?

310 Words - Posted on 31st May 2018
wood curls

Say what! Wood just does not come in the shape you want it. You always buy more than you need and you always end up accumulating the pieces you didn’t use. They’re rarely good enough for another piece of furniture and yet they’re usually too ... more


396 Words - Posted on 19th May 2018
Student life drawing

Constraints: Possibly the first and most fundamental constraint that anyone involved in craftsmanship experiences lies at the heart of the art and craft debate. I.e. that art is utterly useless whereas craft is, at its core, useful. Switch this ... more

Oak: how do you like yours?

298 Words - Posted on 18th Apr 2018

Oak: how do you like yours? Here in the UK, oak has had good times and bad times. A once proud and highly sort after timber has been put through the mill recently by companies who have sought to use oak to mass produce the cheapest, nastiest, most ... more

Older, wiser…

247 Words - Posted on 15th Apr 2018

Older, wiser... Jonathan had an interesting conversation at Rowden this week with two of our  students - one from South Korea and one from Scandinavia - about how different cultures view craftsmanship.  It ended up being a very philosophical ... more


273 Words - Posted on 13th Mar 2018
Rowden Atelier surrounding area where you will spend your time during a full time woodworking course

Wheels Our van has just completed it’s 150 thousandth mile! Not all with us mind you, in fact just about 50k have been in the faithful service of our little company. Jonathan, being a mathsy ex-accountant type of chap, has worked out that it has ... more

Workspace: Softly Softly…

299 Words - Posted on 11th Mar 2018
Woodworking course - student design

Workspace: Softly Softly... When we found the former chicken shed that was to become our workshop we decided, along with the three other makers that were going to be bench renting, that our workspace needed to be warm. And while it had a 4-inch ... more

Getting to know you…

465 Words - Posted on 6th Feb 2018
Woodworking course - student design

Getting to know you… In this modern day and age, with instant price access and multiple suppliers of everything you can think of, customer loyalty has become rather a quaint concept. Purveyors of wood, tools, glues, and abrasives have a battle ... more


312 Words - Posted on 28th Jan 2018
woodworking case studies

Dreams What d’you mean, follow your dreams? At some time or another, most of us have asked our friends or family for advice about our careers. Now, I don’t know about you but for me the responses usually fell into one of two categories. I was ... more

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