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Buying Tools: All the gear, no idea

556 Words - Posted on 28th Sep 2018

Do you remember growing up when you’d save like mad for something? Your first ever guitar, or a skateboard, or a plastic pony! It wouldn’t be the best, but it would be cheap! And it would be yours. And then it’d break and someone you might want ... more

When it comes to marking knives, less is more

264 Words - Posted on 9th Jan 2018
Marking out tools

When it comes to marking knives, less is more There are a few ways too mark a line on a piece of wood. The most obvious is a pencil, but the graphite can smudge, the line width varies with the thickness of the lead and wood loves to break the point ... more

Sharp, sharper, sharpest

344 Words - Posted on 22nd Aug 2017

Sharp, sharper, sharpest Sharp tools are an absolute prerequisite to accurate cabinet making. Everyone knows this. I have not just set the world alight with this fantastic insight, but it does need to be said. In fact, it needs to be said every day ... more

Rods… What’s a rod?

329 Words - Posted on 25th Jun 2017
Woodworking course - learn to draw

Rods… What's a Rod? Once a design has come close to its final iteration all Rowden students are encouraged to find a suitably sized piece of 3mm MDF. Why? Because their next task is to draw an exact full-size 1:1 rendering of the design. This ... more

The Travelling Anarchists Tool Chest : Contents No 9 Bobs tools

329 Words - Posted on 24th Oct 2015

I hear of good people sending Chris tools to help young makers. Most of us have too many tools, I am still buying tools at 66 and giving lots away to students and friends. Its a great gift, something you have used and worked with. There is a load of ... more

The Travelling Anarchists Tool Chest : Contents No 6 Dividers

303 Words - Posted on 13th Oct 2015
Matt using dividers to measure up his timber

There was a time I struggled with numbers . I never enjoyed Maths at school and could never run a business but for the invention of the calculator and the spreadsheet.  When I came to make furniture marking out was always a struggle for me. That was ... more

The Travelling Anarchists Tool Chest and Contents No 6 Block Planes.

1656 Words - Posted on 13th Oct 2015

Block Planes Putting a block plane into a chest of tools for a young Professional maker . If you know someone who could win this £4000 prize send them HERE   now please entry closes end nov. There are stories about the name of these planes ... more

Travelling Anarchist Tool Chest and Contents no. 5: Measuring Tools

767 Words - Posted on 8th Oct 2015
hammer veneer

LUCKY WINNER Boy,...... The lucky person who wins this tool chest is going to get a treat. Not only, great historic chest made by Chris Schwarz. This one of the very last chests he is making with students for the foreseeable future. Chis is now ... more

Hand Tool Chest Contents No.3 Marking Out Tools

716 Words - Posted on 6th Oct 2015

Just a line We see makers here at Rowden rushing about and then suddenly they go into slow motion . Stopping to think and GET THIS BIT RIGHT. Now is the time for that bit of marking out. Get this wrong, dammit, we have all done that, careless, fast ... more

Hand Tool Chest Contents No .1 Chisels

645 Words - Posted on 2nd Oct 2015
Tool chest overview

CAN YOU HELP US FIND A WINNER?? Chris Schwarz came here this summer and made this wonderful tool chest. He sells these is America for $4,000 which is a pretty fair price. We are offering this chest a s prize to a young talented woodworker full of ... more

Veneering with Animal Glue: A Makers Year 85

305 Words - Posted on 20th Jul 2015

Veneering with Animal Glue:  A Makers Year 85 Well, we are making some progress.  Daren was in over the weekend to put these veneers together for the interior of the tool box lid.  We have chosen Figured Sycamore, Mahogany and Maple as the ... more

Hand saws, Using a Tenon and a Panel Saw: A Makers Year 30.

314 Words - Posted on 16th Oct 2014

SAWS AND SAWING - REMOVING THE LID I need a decent strong pencil or ink line if my poor old eyes are to follow it. That line I marked reasonably carefully around the box. I then use two tools. The first of which is a pretty large Tenon saw and the ... more

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