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‘Tis the Season…

261 Words - Posted on 24th Dec 2018

“…to put your tools down… fa-la la la lah, la la, la-la!” Not renowned for taking holidays, even cabinetmakers take a break over Christmas. It’s not a bad idea to occasionally remove yourself completely from the workshop for a while, and ... more


448 Words - Posted on 21st Oct 2018

Plan A In a previous life, every morning I would go for a run, and I’d see a small group of Japanese ladies going through their daily exercise routine, called Rajio Taisou. I know this because one day I actually stopped and asked. They even let me ... more

Bold or discreet?

364 Words - Posted on 20th Aug 2018

So, I was watching Antiques Roadshow the other day. It doesn’t happen often, but I am aware that every once in a while something grabs your attention. And it’s always a bit of fun to watch people’s faces when they find out what their hoardings ... more

Ebony and Ivory

320 Words - Posted on 9th Aug 2018

Live together on really expensive old pianos but no longer have any place on contemporary furniture. And hurray for that! It’s come to our notice that fewer and fewer people are interested in exotic hardwoods, but that doesn’t mean ... more


296 Words - Posted on 31st Jul 2018

and where to find it Design: Unless they are the late Steve Jobs, anyone who tells you they’ve designed something completely new is flat out lying. There, I’ve said it. That is not to say that anyone’s design can’t be fresh, innovative ... more

Yes, but why cabinetmaking?

368 Words - Posted on 29th Jul 2018
Lakshmi Bhaskaran furniture making tutor

Well... I’m going to say this right off the bat, I cannot explain in a single post why you, or anyone, would want to become a cabinetmaker. There are probably as many reasons as there are makers! But over the next few months, I think this might ... more

Master cabinetmaker?

267 Words - Posted on 24th Jun 2018
daren teaching 4

A place to learn While it is clear a year spent at Rowden is a concentrated year of learning, it would be a sad state of affairs if anyone were to leave thinking they knew everything about everything. It would be like Picasso peaking with his real ... more

Specialising doesn’t mean missing out

272 Words - Posted on 3rd May 2018
An expert woodworking demonstration at Rowden Atelier

The next step? One of the hardest things a new cabinetmaker has to decide is exactly what they want to do with their lives. (By the way, this probably isn’t limited to cabinetmakers!) Trust wood to be so versatile that you could as easily find ... more

To Every Season…

290 Words - Posted on 8th Apr 2018
Woodworking courses - student design

To Every Season… There is no bad time of the year to have a go at turning. Every student at Rowden now makes an incredible (that is to say, incredibly complicated) tail vice and the metal vice handle requires a round cross section handle. The ... more

Furniture: What it’s all about!

995 Words - Posted on 25th Mar 2018

Furniture: Here at Rowden, it's always great to hear back from our readers and this week we hand over to Peter Sharman, who got in touch with us recently to talk about making benches. His enthusiasm for woodworking is plain for all to see, and we ... more

Workspace: Softly Softly…

299 Words - Posted on 11th Mar 2018
Woodworking course - student design

Workspace: Softly Softly... When we found the former chicken shed that was to become our workshop we decided, along with the three other makers that were going to be bench renting, that our workspace needed to be warm. And while it had a 4-inch ... more

Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design 2017

238 Words - Posted on 20th Aug 2017
Woodworking course - brochure

Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design 2017 For more than 30 years there has been one show that has been a firm favourite amongst designer-makers in the UK. The annual Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design has a long tradition of bringing ... more

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