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Furniture Making Course


464 Words - Posted on 3rd Oct 2018
Jonathan Walter from Bark Furniture

Yes, but why? A few weeks ago I wrote a blog explaining my reasons for changing careers and becoming a cabinetmaker. It seems there are as many original stories as there are makers, and it is a line we’ll come back to periodically as I think it ... more

Furniture Making Short Courses

193 Words - Posted on 23rd Sep 2018
biz class

Short Courses at Rowden Rowden has a longstanding reputation for its one-year course, where our students  are trained to make the highest quality fine furniture. Some have a little experience, others have none at all. But  all are united by a love ... more

Desk by Tom McIntyre: A picture is worth a thousand words

289 Words - Posted on 3rd Sep 2018
A beautiful table produced during our furniture making courses

Luckily for me, we have a pictures of this stunning desk made by Rowden student, Tom McIntyre. Otherwise I’d have been here for ages trying to explain just how Tom managed to make such a deceptively simple and elegant desk! Tom likes curved ... more

Somerset Guild 7th Annual Furniture Prize

204 Words - Posted on 11th Aug 2018
Jack Pawsey eucalyptus and walnut sideboard design

Jack Pawsey's ATEN Credenza took this years first prize in the full time category I am delighted to announce that Rowden students have triumphed once again at the Somerset Guild Annual Furniture Prize. This year we took both first and second place ... more

Life in a caravan: Man (and woman) cannot live on bread alone.

263 Words - Posted on 27th Apr 2018

Back in the day, when I was a Rowden student living in a caravan , it has to be said the facilities were rudimentary, to say the least. Rowden’s facilities included an outside toilet, a shower up at the farm, a kettle and a fridge. Even then ... more

To Every Season…

290 Words - Posted on 8th Apr 2018
Woodworking courses - student design

To Every Season… There is no bad time of the year to have a go at turning. Every student at Rowden now makes an incredible (that is to say, incredibly complicated) tail vice and the metal vice handle requires a round cross section handle. The ... more

Because inspiration doesn’t only happen between 9 and 5

246 Words - Posted on 23rd Mar 2018
old workshop machine

Because inspiration doesn’t only happen between 9 and 5 Inspiration: For many of the students that come to Rowden, their previous life was corporate or office based. Not everyone, for sure, but modern life for many has revolved around the ... more

Furniture Making Short Courses

186 Words - Posted on 16th Mar 2018
Woodworking course - student design

Furniture Making Short Courses Here at Rowden we offer a wide range of furniture making short courses designed to suit all abilities. From a simple weekend course, to a week or even a month, we have plenty to offer. The Tool Basics course takes ... more

The Rowden Way(s)

291 Words - Posted on 21st Jan 2018
Woodworking course - tools

The Rowden Way(s) When I decided to train as a cabinetmaker at Rowden, I was sure that the way I’d be taught would be the way David Savage has taught for many years. It would be a finely honed set of methodologies that have been perfected over ... more

No hierarchy here

262 Words - Posted on 4th Jan 2018
Woodworking course - student design

No hierarchy here I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a sneaky suspicion that taster sessions, maybe at the gym, or learning to cook, say, are a bit easy-going to sucker you into signing up for something that ends up being way harder ... more

Age is just a number

216 Words - Posted on 20th Sep 2017
Rowden Atelier surrounding area where you will spend your time during a full time woodworking course

Age is just a number There is no wrong time to become a cabinetmaker. Here at Rowden, we see students of all ages all successfully complete the courses they attend. It seems to us that if the desire is there, then there is nothing to hold you back ... more

A bit about the countryside

321 Words - Posted on 16th Jul 2017
Cycling in north devon

ah, the countryside There are no two ways about it, living away from the city, is great if you have a creative job. Unless you’re quite rich, of course, and can both live and work in the heart of the city itself. If you’re not born with ... more

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