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Cabinetmakers: Don’t confuse a romantic with a push over

311 Words - Posted on 15th Aug 2018

Capitalism has done wonders for making a lot of people a lot of money. It has also helped turn a lot of people into really not nice people to know. Markets are dominated, the competition crushed. Business leaders are more and more like hard-nosed ... more

Some 40 hour weeks are longer than a 50 hour week

364 Words - Posted on 6th Jun 2018

Working nine to five, what a way to make a living… Dolly had a thing or two to say about working a standard week in a company for a salary. For many folk it’s a good way to be. It’s usually stable, with a reliable salary and you can switch off ... more

Not all imaginations leap…

287 Words - Posted on 22nd May 2018
Woodworking courses - student design

and some leap too far! As a designer maker, it usually makes sense to market yourself through a fairly narrow lens. This can be frustrating at times when the training at Rowden gives you the skills to make pretty much anything in any style, from ... more

What is a Dimbleby?

303 Words - Posted on 9th Apr 2017
Woodworking course students for a blog post

What is a Dimbleby? One of the things we don’t do at Rowden is sit the students down in a classroom and lecture them for hours on end. We think time spent being hands-on at the bench is much more productive. What we do offer, however, are ... more

Student Work

229 Words - Posted on 29th Mar 2017
Gideon Traas table design made in Cherry, Ash and Sapelli

Student Work Round Up It is always wonderful to see a round up of student work. And to see just how quickly our students progress during the time they spend here. Most come to Rowden without any previous cabinetmaking experience; they really are ... more

Crafts Council Hothouse 2017 Matthew Duckworth

349 Words - Posted on 17th Jan 2017
Matt Duckworth

Matthew Duckworth We are delighted to announce that one of our former students, Matthew Duckworth, has been selected to take part in the Crafts Council’s 2017 Hothouse programme. Hothouse is the Crafts Council’s creative and business ... more

A Wonderful Former Student : A Makers Year 87

222 Words - Posted on 22nd Jul 2015
Ian Milnes rocking chair detail

Ian Milnes Part two After making the Vanity unit Ian started on a chair. most people do a simple chair before going into a complex chair. Thats the smart way. Ian chose the path more adventurous. He wanted to make a rocking chair. That is hard ... more

Tools for Veneering : A Makers Year 83

152 Words - Posted on 9th Jul 2015

Tools For Veneering We are preparing for the two week summer school with Chris  at the end of August. We are realising that so many specialist tools are needed and some ordinary tools need to be in really good condition to do the job . So we ... more

Table Top Design: A Makers Year. 82

514 Words - Posted on 8th Jul 2015

A Makers Year 81 Table Top Design I have this lovely client called Daniella, with whom i have worked  before, she has asked me to make a dining table for her. Daniella loves wood and wants the table to have distinctly woody feel about it.  We ... more

A Makers Year 81 The Rhino Room

301 Words - Posted on 8th Jul 2015
Drawing of the table and chairs

No, its not where we keep the rhinos. We have this love hate relationship here with CAD drawing programmes. I love the facilities that CAD gives me, the ability to spin a drawing around and look at it from the back. I hate the way it demands that ... more

Andre Roubo’s The Book of Plates: A Makers Year 57

604 Words - Posted on 30th Dec 2014
andre roubo book of plates

Okay, this is sad. I gave myself a Christmas present, which alone is sad. But I wrapped it up myself, and put it beneath the tree, and opened it on Christmas morning… Why? Because I knew that it was going to be special and I wanted to celebrate ... more

Creative inspiration: A Makers Year 56

225 Words - Posted on 15th Dec 2014

Okay… so what is that silly old fool doing knitting at my age? Well, I'm not! This is the way I show how ideas are formulated in the head. How they are gathered together in your mind – or in my hand in this illustration – from all sorts of ... more

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