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Workmanship of risk…

399 Words - Posted on 26th Sep 2018
David Savage furniture design - Honduras Rosewood Chaise lounge

The Dynamic Duo A week or so ago, I suggested that a maker cutting their teeth in the real world should design a piece that avoids creating excessive risk. Risk, that is, to the maker, as chances are the piece will not only be a total nightmare ... more

Cabinetmakers: Don’t confuse a romantic with a push over

311 Words - Posted on 15th Aug 2018

Capitalism has done wonders for making a lot of people a lot of money. It has also helped turn a lot of people into really not nice people to know. Markets are dominated, the competition crushed. Business leaders are more and more like hard-nosed ... more

Somerset Guild 7th Annual Furniture Prize

204 Words - Posted on 11th Aug 2018
Jack Pawsey eucalyptus and walnut sideboard design

Jack Pawsey's ATEN Credenza took this years first prize in the full time category I am delighted to announce that Rowden students have triumphed once again at the Somerset Guild Annual Furniture Prize. This year we took both first and second place ... more

Ebony and Ivory

320 Words - Posted on 9th Aug 2018

Live together on really expensive old pianos but no longer have any place on contemporary furniture. And hurray for that! It’s come to our notice that fewer and fewer people are interested in exotic hardwoods, but that doesn’t mean ... more

Whether the weather be good…

365 Words - Posted on 9th Jul 2018
students surfing gear at rowden

whether the weather be bad Now you may not know this, but we Brits love to talk about the weather. And, to be fair, we get more of it than most so there’s plenty to talk about. Mostly we talk about the rain. We are an island, so with the ... more

Not all imaginations leap…

287 Words - Posted on 22nd May 2018
Woodworking courses - student design

and some leap too far! As a designer maker, it usually makes sense to market yourself through a fairly narrow lens. This can be frustrating at times when the training at Rowden gives you the skills to make pretty much anything in any style, from ... more


396 Words - Posted on 19th May 2018
Student life drawing

Constraints: Possibly the first and most fundamental constraint that anyone involved in craftsmanship experiences lies at the heart of the art and craft debate. I.e. that art is utterly useless whereas craft is, at its core, useful. Switch this ... more

Career Courier – Against Delivering Furniture by Courier

336 Words - Posted on 10th May 2018
Woodworking course - student design

Career Courier Aren’t couriers amazing?! You buy stuff off the Internet and before you know it, a friendly face comes knocking at your door with a parcel full of things you definitely needed. It’s just so easy. And you don’t even have to tip ... more

The Big Reveal

321 Words - Posted on 7th Jan 2018
Cherry cabinets detail triptych

The Big Reveal I don’t think any serious cabinetmaker ever gets blasé about making beautiful furniture as it is a constant source of delight, watching raw wood being slowly turned into something stunning and unique. It is possible to think ... more

Handmade wood furniture – it’s the future!

233 Words - Posted on 17th Dec 2017
Woodworking course - student design

Handmade wood furniture - it’s the future! Technology is developing and progressing at breakneck speed - a platitude, it’s so obvious and understood. Our kids won’t learn to drive, train to be accountants or lawyers, or need an actual doctor ... more

Staying Put

476 Words - Posted on 27th Aug 2017
Woodworking course - student design

For this blog entry, we hand over to Steve Hickman, who is coming towards the end of his second year at Rowden. This is the first of a series of three blogs by Steve. I'll leave it to him to tell you more ... Staying Put At the end of the year-long ... more

Christian O’Reilly

416 Words - Posted on 14th Mar 2017
Woodworking Case Studies

Christian sitting on one of the benches he designed and made for the Beverley Art Gallery in Hull Christian O'Reilly Furniture Design It is always wonderful and extremely heartening to see our students complete the course here and then head off ... more

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