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‘Tis the Season…

261 Words - Posted on 24th Dec 2018

“…to put your tools down… fa-la la la lah, la la, la-la!” Not renowned for taking holidays, even cabinetmakers take a break over Christmas. It’s not a bad idea to occasionally remove yourself completely from the workshop for a while, and ... more

Fit as a butcher’s dog

399 Words - Posted on 22nd Nov 2018

When we started training as makers at Rowden, both Jonathan and I  noticed something: making furniture is hard work. Especially if you’re focusing on learning how to use hand tools. Make no mistake, planing wood for 4 hours a day puts  all sorts ... more

Goals, dreams and ambitions

412 Words - Posted on 18th Nov 2018

Making a Change It is very easy, when you’re in the thick of working through a tough project, to forget what lead you to being there in the first place. Over the years we’ve met a number of designers and makers, and designer-makers who have ... more


448 Words - Posted on 21st Oct 2018

Plan A In a previous life, every morning I would go for a run, and I’d see a small group of Japanese ladies going through their daily exercise routine, called Rajio Taisou. I know this because one day I actually stopped and asked. They even let me ... more


385 Words - Posted on 1st Oct 2018

Collaborations: Why collaborate? We were talking about the symbiotic relationship between David and Daren, where the creative imagination of one is matched by the interpretative abilities of the other, and the remarkable results that have been ... more

Buying Tools: All the gear, no idea

556 Words - Posted on 28th Sep 2018

Do you remember growing up when you’d save like mad for something? Your first ever guitar, or a skateboard, or a plastic pony! It wouldn’t be the best, but it would be cheap! And it would be yours. And then it’d break and someone you might want ... more

Uphill struggles

283 Words - Posted on 10th Sep 2018

Sunny every day I’d love to be able to say that every day as a cabinet maker is all roses and sunshine. That we skip to work, whistling a merry tune, and that the furniture practically makes itself.  Sad to say, it just ain’t so. Some days ... more

Wood: Keep looking

400 Words - Posted on 26th Aug 2018
Machine room timber image triptych left

Furniture making keeps you humble, no two ways about it. Pieces made from this wonderful substance we call wood simply can’t be thrown together. Do that and you’ll end up with junk. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Literally every piece of ... more

Ebony and Ivory

320 Words - Posted on 9th Aug 2018

Live together on really expensive old pianos but no longer have any place on contemporary furniture. And hurray for that! It’s come to our notice that fewer and fewer people are interested in exotic hardwoods, but that doesn’t mean ... more


296 Words - Posted on 31st Jul 2018

and where to find it Design: Unless they are the late Steve Jobs, anyone who tells you they’ve designed something completely new is flat out lying. There, I’ve said it. That is not to say that anyone’s design can’t be fresh, innovative ... more

Brilliant light

360 Words - Posted on 28th Jun 2018
Rowden Atelier fine furniture making school

Let there be... Now, depending on where you are in the world, it might not be the middle of Summer, but there are days here when it sure feels like we are.  Summers in the UK are not actually like many people in the UK imagine Summers to be ... more

Working for yourself…

383 Words - Posted on 12th Jun 2018

is not the same as working on your own Well, that may be obvious to many, but not necessarily to everyone.  Over the years we’ve met a good number of cabinetmakers, many of whom trained at Rowden, who set up workshops for themselves. With ... more

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