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A Makers Year

Goals, dreams and ambitions

412 Words - Posted on 18th Nov 2018

Making a Change It is very easy, when you’re in the thick of working through a tough project, to forget what lead you to being there in the first place. Over the years we’ve met a number of designers and makers, and designer-makers who have ... more

Good enough?

269 Words - Posted on 17th Oct 2018

Making it... Here at Rowden, we have a pair of facing walls in our rec space covered, and I mean covered, with images of student work. If you go to our website, you’ll find a gallery of student work too. Check it out here. Pretty much without ... more


464 Words - Posted on 3rd Oct 2018
Jonathan Walter from Bark Furniture

Yes, but why? A few weeks ago I wrote a blog explaining my reasons for changing careers and becoming a cabinetmaker. It seems there are as many original stories as there are makers, and it is a line we’ll come back to periodically as I think it ... more

On the straight and narrow

446 Words - Posted on 19th Sep 2018

A straight edge means a flat surface There is something of an obsession at Rowden about the use of straight edges. If I’m honest, there’s something of an obsession about just about everything to do with making here, which is as it should be. But ... more

Master cabinetmaker?

267 Words - Posted on 24th Jun 2018
daren teaching 4

A place to learn While it is clear a year spent at Rowden is a concentrated year of learning, it would be a sad state of affairs if anyone were to leave thinking they knew everything about everything. It would be like Picasso peaking with his real ... more

Fabrizio Lo Faro – More is the new less

264 Words - Posted on 18th Jun 2018
woodworking course

Tage Stool by Fabrizio Lo Faro Because cabinetmakers aren’t machines, and because they tend to obsess about every detail, handmade furniture is way more expensive than anything mass produced, and so it should be.  Most of the cost of producing ... more

Happy Campers

331 Words - Posted on 29th May 2018

Happy Campers Anyone who comes to study at Rowden needs accommodation. There are five basic types, and they all are pretty self-explanatory. And they all have their pros and cons. Rent a house or flat: expensive, but means you can get away from ... more

Life in a caravan: Man (and woman) cannot live on bread alone.

263 Words - Posted on 27th Apr 2018

Back in the day, when I was a Rowden student living in a caravan , it has to be said the facilities were rudimentary, to say the least. Rowden’s facilities included an outside toilet, a shower up at the farm, a kettle and a fridge. Even then ... more

Because inspiration doesn’t only happen between 9 and 5

246 Words - Posted on 23rd Mar 2018
old workshop machine

Because inspiration doesn’t only happen between 9 and 5 Inspiration: For many of the students that come to Rowden, their previous life was corporate or office based. Not everyone, for sure, but modern life for many has revolved around the ... more

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

251 Words - Posted on 7th Mar 2018
Woodworking courses

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow OK, so me and snow don’t always get along - maybe if it were a bit more Colorado and a bit less Cornwall then I could get more excited! Not so Jonathan. He starts acting like a big kid the first sign of a ... more

In praise of the humble block plane

244 Words - Posted on 28th Feb 2018

In praise of the humble block plane I seem to remember the boys on the course while I was at Rowden spent many an hour ruminating on the pros and cons of the no.6 and no.7 bench planes. The no.6 fore plane, being a little smaller at about 45cm, was ... more

Rowden Life: Doing it in style

353 Words - Posted on 25th Feb 2018
Woodworking courses

Rowden Life: Doing it in style Anyone who is driven to live and work in the creative arts is likely to have certain traits that separate them from the norm. Many of the students at Rowden have left comfortable jobs, and even more comfortable ... more

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