Life in a caravan: Man (and woman) cannot live on bread alone.

263 Words - Posted on 27th April 2018

Back in the day, when I was a Rowden student living in a caravan , it has to be said the facilities were rudimentary, to say the least. Rowden’s facilities included an outside toilet, a shower up at the farm, a kettle and a fridge. Even then, though, it was important to eat – and eat well. In a tiny oven in my caravan I cooked flapjacks, caramel shortbread, even a batch of white chocolate and chilli brownies. Each of these baked goods were proudly presented in turn, as and when it was my day to provide the ‘biccies’ at tea break.

Onwards and Upwards

Things have moved on at Rowden since then. There is a heated shower and toilet block complete with clothes washing facilities. And the kitchen has an oven, microwaves, two (count ‘em!) fridges, toasters and kettles. How things have changed.

This is great as it means the students living on campus can cook healthy and hearty meals and stay fully fuelled during their stay.

This is really, really great, though, because an impressive number of students often turn their hand to making delicious cakes, buns, banana bread, biscuits, yummy scones and cookies. This week, Jonathan came back saying he’d been scoffing home made marshmallows. 

Marshmallows! Home made!! 

So, far from being a hardship tour, staying in a tent or caravan means you could find yourself putting on the pounds in the best way ever, through a rather excessive interest in home made delights offered up on a regular basis by your colleagues at Rowden!

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Lakshmi Bhaskaran

Writer at Rowden Atelier
Lakshmi Bhaskaran studied at the Rowden Atelier in 2008, following on from a successful career as a design writer and author. It was at Rowden that she met her husband and business partner, Jonathan Walter. The pair set up Bark Furniture in 2010 and now run a successful furniture business, based in Cornwall, with clients all around the world. Lakshmi has written for renowned publications like Wallpaper, and has authored five books in the design area.
Lakshmi Bhaskaran

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