International Woodworking School: New Student Work Summer 2007

Here at International Woodworking School we expect the highest standards of work from our students and all of them, without exception, attain a very high standard in only a very short time. This standard, this adherance to quality of making and quality of design is however very necessary as their future clients will expect nothing less from them. The outside world is a tough place that many other educational establishments have little experience of dealing with. International Woodworking School students are not your regular students. Most are grown ups, they give themselves the gift of a year training with us after working hard, often in jobs they have come to hate. They often seek the freedom of paddling their own boats and we seek to give them the paddles and tell them how to make the boat. In fifty full weeks, often working late and working weekends, they have the beginnings of a body of work, a portfolio of their work that will go on to become their professional credentials. These images are just a few of the latest pieces that we have seen made here at the extaordinary place that is Rowden Wokshops.Latest work by Shota YamaguchiCabinet in sycamore and cherry by ShotaSycamore table by ShotaWalnut table with sunburst veneer by ShotaNew work by Graham CartmellWalnut Chair made by Graham Cartmell to a design by David SavageElm Hall Table by Graham CartmellNew work by Rowena ReidWalnut cabinet on a stand by Rowena Reid


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