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I haven’t forgotten about you. I don’t go on Facebook often but I did today, and I saw a few posts by you, and that took me to your website, where I have been noodling around for more than an hour. I am amazed every time I do this. Your students are quire clever and quite good at design, as you know. Chairs, boxes, tables, wall cabinets all take on new looks — fresh looks.

I don’t see anything like this in the US. I used to get on “Knots” which was sponsored by Fine Woodworking, but it hasn’t had much traffic for a few years. So I went to The Burl, which was fine for a while, but it too is dying. Mostly “kitchen makers” and folks who have no interest in “moving forward”. Too bad. So when I need a jolt of fresh creativity, and when I need to be reminded what students can do, I visit your website, which is getting very very large. One can noodle around for a long time.

Attached are some photos of my work during the past year. It has been an eclectic year: a guitar (copy of Martin D-28 Dreadnought), some chairs ( dowel chair, Arts and Crafts chair, Queen Anne side chair, Chippendale arm chair, a Queen Anne style chest of drawers, a simple but nice mirror frame and a desktop for an old treadle sewing machine. The last is made of curly red oak, an interesting wood that I have never worked with before.

I am lost in the past, as the photos show. Arts and Crafts, Queen Anne and Chippendale. Not exactly futuristic. But I enjoy period reproductions. It does require a discipline and a good deal of study as well as skill to get right. When it comes to my “own designs”, I tend to work with beautiful wood, and design in a very understated way (mirror frame and desk on treadle sewing machine. I am having fun. I can see you are too.



Hi Mel
How lovely to hear from you. Your work is developing and i admire your determination and focus. Making is a great pastime and so few just do it. But you do! Well done man and thanks for sharing this. Can I post this lots of people would be encouraged to get going by what you are doing?

With best wishes



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