Cabinetmakers: Don’t confuse a romantic with a push over

311 Words - Posted on 15th August 2018

Capitalism has done wonders for making a lot of people a lot of money. It has also helped turn a lot of people into really not nice people to know. Markets are dominated, the competition crushed. Business leaders are more and more like hard-nosed dictators, even if what they sell is dressed up as happy shiny consumer products. Few CEO’s will ever see the irony of an “aggressive” marketing campaign that involves bunnies or puppies!

Cabinetmakers are, in the main, not of this ilk. Crushing and destroying is not in their vocabulary. On the contrary, they are a rather amiable bunch. At any fair or exhibition they’re likely to be found sharing stories over a beer, and commending each other on their work. 

In reality, most cabinetmakers do not see each other as the competition. The real competition is the mediocrity presented, often over-priced, by the high end retailers. And makers know there is little point in throwing rocks at those behemoths!

But do not think that just because they have chosen a gentle, more communal path, that they are easily bossed around. 

No Sir!

One thing you can be absolutely sure about is that the designer makers that have made a success of this game are wily characters. They know what they want, know what they need, and know where to draw the line. They are firm negotiators with suppliers, don’t suffer fools, and when it comes to the value of a piece they are looking to make, the price is the price.

And what is so cool about that is that it shows these fellows have great personal confidence. They know what they do, they know they do it well, they don’t need to shout about it, and they don’t fear the competition. 

What a wonderful space to be in!

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