Chest Making and Veneering Tools: A Makers Year 91

Tools for Two Week Summer School

O K we are gathering all the tools needed. Our guests will have a tool box each available to them ( if you need one, please let Jon Greenwood know and he will make sure all chisels and the two planes in the box are sharp and ready for you Jon is on  [email protected]

I am mailing this Tool list to all Rowden students on the Summer School and all guests as it has been assembled by Daren as a list that all Rowden students should have. If you cant get or cannot afford please let us know. We dont need one of everything for everyone, but we do need enough to share and go around.

19mm Tape dispenser

50 mm Tape dispenser

Not in your usual kit but if you are doing veneering these are important speed tools

Pozi and Flat screwdrivers

Veneer saw

I have talked about these before Axeminster seems to have the best value but it will need sharpening before use


Veneer Roller

These seem pretty good

Scalpel and spare blades

A bench knife is really a bit too course a kerf for this. You do need the fine thin blade of the Swan Morton scalpels. ( get some spare blades as well)

Drill bits

Mitre box

I have ordered three boxes and we have a smart mitre hand saw with a japanese blade. Making mitres is a common task, all students should be equiped to cut them either with a mitre box and guillotine or by eye finishing with a “donkeys ear” mitre shoot. ( no you cant set up the table saw. )

Small hand or (less good ) cordless drill

Pin punch 0.8mm

Warrinton hammer

A small Warrington can be used as a veneer hammer if you cannot get a full size blade on the job.

Dividers two pairs


Mitre Box

Coping Saw

We have been using jewelers saws and light blades that break for a past time Chris suggests a Coping Saw with Pegas blades to help get closer to the line Note these do not fit in jewelers saw frames.

Bradawl or Bird cage Awl

If you can get it the Bird Cage Awl is better.

Veneer Hammer

I have been hunting veneer hammers all week and becoming a bit sad and obsessive. These are the best you can get, that I have seen. We now have about seven veneer hammers in the shop if a couple of students get these we should be O K .

Box Locks

Now, chest locks . We have I hope ordered enough for all our guests to have one box lock each. We kept the cost of materials down for students and this was one of the items that we left out. You can get one from here

I will add I have one of these on my tool chest and its a Witch to fit and still wont lock easily. Good luck to one and all.


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