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The importance of regular breaks

420 Words - Posted on 3rd Feb 2017

Taking time to stop One of the things we place a great deal of emphasis on here is the importance of breaks. This is not just to give our students regular, physical breaks from making, but also to give their minds a rest too. Whether it's a morning ... more

Feedback Friday – A Thoughtful Response

376 Words - Posted on 20th Jan 2017

Our newsletters gain much attention from avid readers within the woodworking community, and it is always a joy to read your thoughts. The enthusiasm and passion you show is second to none. We received one such response to a newsletter entitled ... more

The View From The Attic

509 Words - Posted on 2nd Aug 2016
Rachel admin staff photo

The man standing next to me at the point to point meeting asked me what I did. When I told him that I was an Administrator the slight lift of his eyebrow said it all, “BORING” and he returned to deciding which horse to back in the next race. ... more

Design and the art of Craftsmanship Part 2

229 Words - Posted on 25th Jul 2016

My recent blog and newsletter post has been a point of interest for a few of you and is becoming a very interesting exchange of ideas. I want to share them with you as they make for a very interesting topic. Josh says: "In a world where ... more

Design and the art of craftsmanship

236 Words - Posted on 19th Jul 2016
bespoke shaped cherry cabinets

An email response from Seth about the idea of conceptualising a piece of work and the art of craftsmanship. "Am I to understand that these bedside stands are designed simple beauty outside, but more involved and/or complex inside? May I learn ... more

Inpursuit of Imperfection. The Uffizi Gallery Part 2

252 Words - Posted on 19th Jun 2016

I have been thinking about what I experienced and what I wrote about my recent visit to the wonderful Uffizi Gallery in Florence. I think that will be my last visit to this wonderful place. Idiots with cameras now predominate and the experience of ... more

A French Polishing Question

321 Words - Posted on 17th Sep 2015
French Polishing Technique

I recently received an email from a kind and happy customer of our DVDs and French Polishing kit. Hi Mr Savage, First just to say thanks for the great e-mails and the dvd's on various woodworking subjects ,especially yours on french polishing. ... more

A Makers Year 94 Chris and the Dovetailing Death March

356 Words - Posted on 1st Sep 2015
David chiseling dovetails

Well its not, not a Death March. Chris Schwarz doesn't do that. More gentle stroll up a very long hill. I like walking but I am 66 and not in great shape so HARD WORK is not something I relish as much as I once would have done . But like walks in the ... more

A Wonderful Former Student : A Makers Year 87

222 Words - Posted on 22nd Jul 2015
Ian Milnes rocking chair detail

Ian Milnes Part two After making the Vanity unit Ian started on a chair. most people do a simple chair before going into a complex chair. Thats the smart way. Ian chose the path more adventurous. He wanted to make a rocking chair. That is hard ... more

A Makers Year 80 “Woodwork more difficult than brain surgery!”

39 Words - Posted on 30th Jun 2015
luxury flower table

A Makers Year 80 Quote from neurosurgeon Henry Marsh (who also makes furniture) on this mornings Life Scientific on BBC Radio 4: "Woodwork is more difficult than brain surgery, the joint has to fit first time" I rest our case m'lord!

A Makers Year 79 New Japanese Plane

562 Words - Posted on 26th Jun 2015

Japanes planes and me.. Tomohito-san has been in touch, and that usually means that I spend money. Tomohito is the owner of Iida  Tools    who has been helping me learn about Japanese planes. I took on to Japanese tools thirty years ago and ... more

A Makers Year 78. Reflections on Why.

589 Words - Posted on 25th Jun 2015
writing chair preview

When I started a workshop and began employing people it became to me a serious thing. Taking on staff means being responsible for someones mortgage payments and everything. I know over the years i have had to make people “redundant” (there is a ... more

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