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Rowdens Woodie Toyshop

242 Words - Posted on 8th Dec 2017
Woodworking courses - tools

I have an elderly Jewish friend called Solly. “ Nice website you have there David, you sell long courses and short courses” “ Thats right Solly”  “ And you have this lovely group of people that get your e-mails and  like to hear from ... more

Sharp, sharper, sharpest

344 Words - Posted on 22nd Aug 2017

Sharp, sharper, sharpest Sharp tools are an absolute prerequisite to accurate cabinet making. Everyone knows this. I have not just set the world alight with this fantastic insight, but it does need to be said. In fact, it needs to be said every day ... more

We are very tolerant… up to 0.1mm

455 Words - Posted on 5th Aug 2017
wood curls

We are very tolerant, up to 0.1mm… How tolerant are you? Now we’ve mentioned this before, and ruffled a few feathers in the process! When it comes to pieces fitting together 0.1mm is all you’re allowed if you want something to look as it ... more

Let’s hear it for good old PVA

409 Words - Posted on 10th Jul 2017
Woodworking course - student design

Good old PVA Now, I don’t know about you but until I became a cabinet maker the only thing I knew for sure about PVA glue was that it was excellent at sticking nothing to nothing! Many a primary school project came a cropper due to the complete ... more

Rods… What’s a rod?

329 Words - Posted on 25th Jun 2017
Woodworking course - learn to draw

Rods… What's a Rod? Once a design has come close to its final iteration all Rowden students are encouraged to find a suitably sized piece of 3mm MDF. Why? Because their next task is to draw an exact full-size 1:1 rendering of the design. This ... more

Steam Bending

434 Words - Posted on 18th Jun 2017
Rawlinson furniture

The art of steam bending, beautifully executed by former Rowden student, Ben Rawlinson Steam Bending: Cabinetmakers learn to have a great affinity with wood. Its attractions are numerous. It is quite easy to work with compared to other materials ... more

Making Your Own Veneers

443 Words - Posted on 4th Jun 2017
Furniture designing student

Making Your Own Veneers Veneers - Wood selection is arguably the most fundamental of decisions for a cabinetmaker. When planning a new piece of furniture, colour, grain patterns, use and avoidance of pips and knots, sap and heartwood, and burrs must ... more

The Measure of Things… (how to be accurate!)

298 Words - Posted on 24th Feb 2017

There’s accurate and then there’s Rowden accurate… You may think that twelve months is a good amount of time to learn the fine art of making high quality furniture. In fact, we are always impressed at how consistently our students achieve ... more

In Pursuit of Imperfection. New Drawing Classes.

448 Words - Posted on 12th Apr 2016
David Savage Bench Planes article

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that work is soon to start on a development at Rowden that I am very proud of and excited about. We are converting a barn shown below into two new large studios . A Post Graduate Studio will occupy the ... more

Lost Arts Press: Anarchists Open Day

469 Words - Posted on 14th Mar 2016
Chair in Chris Schwarz workshop

I have just had the pleasure of attending the opening of the Lost Arts Press new premises in Covington Cincinnati. There was happy gathering of woodworkers and friends to see two new books launched The Anarchists Design Book and a wonderful two book ... more

Young Maker Competition. The Result 2

756 Words - Posted on 2nd Feb 2016

So we have these young guys down with us for a week. They are staying in the village with Valarie and the idea is that we give them a free one week Basics Course and see what we see. Jon Greenwood is pretty good at this its the same weeks training we ... more

Young Maker Competition. The Result

590 Words - Posted on 1st Feb 2016

If I were to suggest to you that, running a National Competition to find  "the most deserving young woodworker" would give you sleepless nights what would you say?  Yet here I at sit with warm laptop on my knee and a dog snoring under my feet. It ... more

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