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David Binnington Savage 1949 – 2019

419 Words - Posted on 28th Jan 2019

It is with great sadness that we confirm the death of David Binnington Savage on Friday January 18th after a determined fight with cancer. David was an accomplished artist, furniture designer-maker, writer and inspiration to all who followed his ... more

Anger Management

411 Words - Posted on 9th Dec 2018

And breathe Rhetorical question: what makes people angry? I think of it as when our emotions are left to run amok when an event occurs that is divergent from the one we were hoping for or expecting. The point being that it is not the event that ... more


448 Words - Posted on 21st Oct 2018

Plan A In a previous life, every morning I would go for a run, and I’d see a small group of Japanese ladies going through their daily exercise routine, called Rajio Taisou. I know this because one day I actually stopped and asked. They even let me ... more

Good enough?

269 Words - Posted on 17th Oct 2018

Making it... Here at Rowden, we have a pair of facing walls in our rec space covered, and I mean covered, with images of student work. If you go to our website, you’ll find a gallery of student work too. Check it out here. Pretty much without ... more

Work smarter rather than work harder

491 Words - Posted on 11th Oct 2018

Work smarter rather than work harder For most people, the concept of "working smarter, not harder," coined by Allan Mogensen, the creator of work simplification, has developed from a simple, inspirational imperative, to an overused, ambiguous ... more

Somerset Guild 7th Annual Furniture Prize

204 Words - Posted on 11th Aug 2018
Jack Pawsey eucalyptus and walnut sideboard design

Jack Pawsey's ATEN Credenza took this years first prize in the full time category I am delighted to announce that Rowden students have triumphed once again at the Somerset Guild Annual Furniture Prize. This year we took both first and second place ... more

Work life balance

476 Words - Posted on 6th Aug 2018

What does it really mean? Just about anyone you meet who has spent a good amount of time building a career, sometimes but not always a professional career, will tell you that the hardest thing is balancing work and life.  To be successful, to ... more

Stop faffing about!

344 Words - Posted on 20th Jul 2018

It all adds up It's not always easy to explain to a client why a piece of furniture takes weeks to make.  Many a client, I am sure, looks at us makers and thinks what an easy life we must have. A life whittling away at a piece of wood, gazing at ... more

Knees: How safe are yours?

380 Words - Posted on 5th Jul 2018

Standing Firm If you’re going to stand on your feet all day you’d better make sure you look after your knees. Happy knees mean a happy back. Happy back mean more furniture being made. Happy knees, happy back, happy life. That’s (nearly) how ... more

Repeat after me

357 Words - Posted on 21st Jun 2018

One of the abiding memories of my time at Rowden was just how slow I seemed to be at everything. And while I wasn’t appreciably slower (or faster) than any of the other students, to get something right took an inordinate amount of time. It ... more

Fabrizio Lo Faro – More is the new less

264 Words - Posted on 18th Jun 2018
woodworking course

Tage Stool by Fabrizio Lo Faro Because cabinetmakers aren’t machines, and because they tend to obsess about every detail, handmade furniture is way more expensive than anything mass produced, and so it should be.  Most of the cost of producing ... more

Active Meditation

492 Words - Posted on 9th Jun 2018

Stream of Consciousness Here is a wonderful response to one of our Rowden blogs from Peter Sharman that I would like to share with you. Over to you, Peter... "The process that you outline in your latest 'Stream of Consciousness' is something that ... more

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