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Wood: Keep looking

400 Words - Posted on 26th Aug 2018
Machine room timber image triptych left

Furniture making keeps you humble, no two ways about it. Pieces made from this wonderful substance we call wood simply can’t be thrown together. Do that and you’ll end up with junk. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Literally every piece of ... more


296 Words - Posted on 31st Jul 2018

and where to find it Design: Unless they are the late Steve Jobs, anyone who tells you they’ve designed something completely new is flat out lying. There, I’ve said it. That is not to say that anyone’s design can’t be fresh, innovative ... more

Specialising doesn’t mean missing out

272 Words - Posted on 3rd May 2018
An expert woodworking demonstration at Rowden Atelier

The next step? One of the hardest things a new cabinetmaker has to decide is exactly what they want to do with their lives. (By the way, this probably isn’t limited to cabinetmakers!) Trust wood to be so versatile that you could as easily find ... more

A poem about fire

212 Words - Posted on 6th Apr 2018
wood stack

A poem about fire... We talk about wood a lot here at Rowden but there is always more to learn. So,  just in case you thought you knew all there is to know, I give you The Firewood Poem. The Firewood Poem Beechwood fires are bright and clear ... more

Furniture: What it’s all about!

995 Words - Posted on 25th Mar 2018

Furniture: Here at Rowden, it's always great to hear back from our readers and this week we hand over to Peter Sharman, who got in touch with us recently to talk about making benches. His enthusiasm for woodworking is plain for all to see, and we ... more

Workspace: Softly Softly…

299 Words - Posted on 11th Mar 2018
Woodworking course - student design

Workspace: Softly Softly... When we found the former chicken shed that was to become our workshop we decided, along with the three other makers that were going to be bench renting, that our workspace needed to be warm. And while it had a 4-inch ... more

Getting to know you…

465 Words - Posted on 6th Feb 2018
Woodworking course - student design

Getting to know you… In this modern day and age, with instant price access and multiple suppliers of everything you can think of, customer loyalty has become rather a quaint concept. Purveyors of wood, tools, glues, and abrasives have a battle ... more

Mistakes are just part of the fun!

288 Words - Posted on 25th Jan 2018
Woodworking course - student design

Mistakes are just part of the fun! It is hard to believe, I know, but even the best cabinetmakers make mistakes. It is not called workmanship of risk for nothing! We operate in an environment where pretty much every process is a refinement of the ... more

Design is a thing you can’t rush…

352 Words - Posted on 17th Jan 2018
Woodworking course - learn to draw

Design is a thing you can’t rush… Designing a piece of furniture is quite simply not something you can do well with an aggressive deadline. Designing a bad piece of furniture from scratch in an hour is a piece of cake but, trust me, no-one will ... more

My New Year’s Resolution

310 Words - Posted on 13th Jan 2018
Lakshmi from Bark Furniture doing some woodworking

My New Year’s Resolution OK, so this year’s resolution has nothing to do with chocolate, the gym or a social media detox, probably a first! It is my guess that I am not alone in being a cabinetmaker that started their training with only the ... more

Health and safety- Ugh!

272 Words - Posted on 31st Dec 2017

Health and safety- Ugh! What I like to call, don’t be an idiot! In the UK, every workshop needs to have loads of large pictures explaining the bleedin’ obvious in case some idiot does something idiotic. The big red button on a machine may ... more