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385 Words - Posted on 1st Oct 2018

Collaborations: Why collaborate? We were talking about the symbiotic relationship between David and Daren, where the creative imagination of one is matched by the interpretative abilities of the other, and the remarkable results that have been ... more

Bold or discreet?

364 Words - Posted on 20th Aug 2018

So, I was watching Antiques Roadshow the other day. It doesn’t happen often, but I am aware that every once in a while something grabs your attention. And it’s always a bit of fun to watch people’s faces when they find out what their hoardings ... more

It’s good to talk

343 Words - Posted on 23rd Jul 2018

Don't delay, call today There are people who like to talk. Salesmen love to talk, teachers are particularly good at it (usually) and everyone’s got a friend that just won’t stop talking once you get them on the phone. But you wouldn’t say that ... more

Whether the weather be good…

365 Words - Posted on 9th Jul 2018
students surfing gear at rowden

whether the weather be bad Now you may not know this, but we Brits love to talk about the weather. And, to be fair, we get more of it than most so there’s plenty to talk about. Mostly we talk about the rain. We are an island, so with the ... more

Master cabinetmaker?

267 Words - Posted on 24th Jun 2018
daren teaching 4

A place to learn While it is clear a year spent at Rowden is a concentrated year of learning, it would be a sad state of affairs if anyone were to leave thinking they knew everything about everything. It would be like Picasso peaking with his real ... more

Working for yourself…

383 Words - Posted on 12th Jun 2018

is not the same as working on your own Well, that may be obvious to many, but not necessarily to everyone.  Over the years we’ve met a good number of cabinetmakers, many of whom trained at Rowden, who set up workshops for themselves. With ... more

Flaws? Says who!

333 Words - Posted on 15th May 2018

Just go with it... If you’re over forty or fifty you’ll probably remember films where no-one would fault you if you suggested Robert Redford was a rather handsome chap (millennials will just have to use their imagination!) He was, and arguably ... more

Waste not…

461 Words - Posted on 31st Mar 2018
wood stack

Waste not… As a student at Rowden, one of the harder concepts to get your head around is how much wood you need to buy to get a job done. When Daren taught me, back in the day, that we should calculate exactly how much we need for a project by ... more


273 Words - Posted on 13th Mar 2018
Rowden Atelier surrounding area where you will spend your time during a full time woodworking course

Wheels Our van has just completed it’s 150 thousandth mile! Not all with us mind you, in fact just about 50k have been in the faithful service of our little company. Jonathan, being a mathsy ex-accountant type of chap, has worked out that it has ... more

Weather (With February comes the sun!)

253 Words - Posted on 10th Feb 2018
Woodworking courses - student design

With February comes the sun! I have to say weather-wise, it has been a pretty miserable January here in Blighty. The UK has been basically windy, rainy, stormy, and grey for almost the entire month. We even had a few flakes of snow this week, which ... more

Steve Hickman Leaving Rowden today

262 Words - Posted on 29th Jan 2018
Woodworking courses - student design

28 January 2018 I got this letter from Steve, who is leaving us after nearly two and a half years training as a furniture maker. I thought I would share it as it tells great deal about what Rowden really stands for. Dear David, I wanted to ... more


312 Words - Posted on 28th Jan 2018
woodworking case studies

Dreams What d’you mean, follow your dreams? At some time or another, most of us have asked our friends or family for advice about our careers. Now, I don’t know about you but for me the responses usually fell into one of two categories. I was ... more

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