Admin, other peoples problems, and early onset altziemers. A Makers Year 22

This week has been a complete washout. I began it with all good intentions of avoiding as much admin as possible and getting on to the bench. The tail vice of Elliott’s bench needs a bit of work and I’ve got this box for Tony which has been sat around here for weeks now. Should be possible to make some space to do those jobs but we’re approaching end of the month and wages and paperwork has to be sorted. PAYE has to be done, bills paid, pieces of paper put in to the correct folder and sent off to my accountant. Grrrrrrr……


This week and next I’m doing the morning Dimblebie on “My Early Years”. This is a series of talks I give to students each year. I try to tell people about my mistakes. All the idiot stupid things that I’ve done which have affected the direction of my life since I was four. This ranges from declaring myself bankrupt to giving up woodworking at the age of 13 when my headmaster told me I had to make a choice as I couldn’t do both Art and Woodwork. It’s a scary set of Dimblebie’s for me.  I try to make it as honest and brutally realistic as possible. Telling them “don’t make my mistakes, but go off and don’t be afraid of making your own mistakes”. Fear is the big enemy not failure.

Just after my second Dimblebie on Tuesday I got an e-mail. This about 11 o’clock in the morning. “When are you coming to collect your London exhibition, we expect you here this afternoon!” DUH… a possible case of Early Onset Altziemers Desease.  This is swiftly followed by a 10 hour car journey to London and back to recover my furniture from the China Centre in London.


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