A question about glue

Hello everyone.

Not too long ago we received an email from a happy customer about our DVDs that he had purchased from our Christmas offer. More specifically about the gluing up process:


Greetings Mr. Savage

I purchased a number of your fine DVD’s around Christmas time.

The two DVD on Bench Planing was most helpful, and in fact the best on planing I have seen.
The meticulous detail is amazing and appreciated.

However, I have one question.
When gluing up the two piece panels in disc #2, the boards were placed on mdf risers, and
clamping cauls were used.  Great detail was explained in this which I really appreciate.
Finally the glue was scraped off and then wiped off with a damp cloth.

All well and good, but what about the under side.
The final part of the video shows planing the top side for flatness, and then simply instructed to “do the same on the other side”.
My Question is:  what happens to the glue on the other side, and all over the risers?

Do you lift up the whole thing clamps and all and clean it up?
Would that risk movement in the panel?

Perhaps someone on your staff could make a short response.

Keep up the good work, I am learning a great deal from you.

best regards


Hi Larry

Thank you for your kind comments we always try to help with customers questions if we can. You ask a good question. The underside needs to be accessed usually by carefully turning over the whole cramp and panel assembly. You are right it is one to be careful with but usually is O k. This system allows you to get at the whole glue line as the panel is not resting on the cramp surfaces. this keeps the cramps cleaner too.

Very best


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