A Makers Year 95 – Chris Schwarz, Hide Glue and Pearl Glue and the Dovetailing Death March

Having Chris Schwarz here at Rowden is Bliss. It means that i am not alone in my madness. I can share my joy at the smell of death, and remember, thanks to Chris the many qualities of hide glue. Its like remembering something long forgotten. The way hide glue helps the assembly of large carcases.

You know that situation you have spent two days making the damn thing and you want to assemble it NOW. Its gone up dry O K, but when PVA goes on the joints it just jams up hard . Not so with hide glue, this stuff is a lubricant to the assembly process. Squeeze out is no worry because it wipes off and won’t form a film under your polish like PVA.


I knew this but I couldn’t afford a hot pot when i knew this. So I bought PVA like everyone else and forgot. I used hide glue later for veneering and tricky stuff but not general shop stuff. Daren was trained in a PVA and Cascamite shop so he was no help.

I didn’t know that we would be using hide or Pearl glue as it is also known for this first week with Chris. And I don’t think Chris knew either. I had bought in ten small hot pots from America just for the week two of this Summer School when I do hide glue veneering. You really need the hot pot or it all gets very complicated. OK lets glue up the carcases with it he said. Good idea says I.   I hope I have enough damn glue.

Toodle ooo



PS. Here is a short video we created of Chris talking about using the hide glue on the tool chest. Enjoy



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