A Makers Year 68: Anxiously setting up

Design Shanghai

The build up is the usual stress of “where is everything.” Where are the crates,  Are they safe. When they arrived we danced around a wonderful problem with the carpet . The carpet was covered in a thin plastic sheet that needed to be cut at the base of the stand walls . the walls were built ON  the carpet  . Dust from sanding the walls and wet paint were on the plastic which made it jolly tricky to remove cleanly.  All stand holders had the same problem so they came in the afternoon and relaid all the carpets. That was a stressy morning .


Our stuff came out of the crates with the help of a lovely Portugese guy from one of the stands opposite. Doing shows like this build a real camaraderie amongst your immediate exhibitors . You are all in it together and if the organiser screws up you can hunt him like a pack of jackals.

We had most fun getting 2000 A4 leaflets in Chinese here. last minute stuff that I attempted to send by mail and stopped at paying £450. Virgin Airways didn’t blink when we paid £50 extra baggage. But lugging these damn things about is a pain.


So we are set up and ready to roll. Tomorrow morning we meet our interpreter. We are told “be here early as she will arrive at 8.30” The doors open at 10.am and we will need that time to talk to her about what we do .

Back to the Shanghai Hilton for, in my case, a long sleep . We had dinner out last night, the best hottest chilli crab I have ever had. Today I have case of the “Shanghai Chainsaw”. This is a bug that not only attacks your bowels but has a little man drilling 1/16 inch holes quite deeply in your forehead.


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