Master Class Articles

Here are some of my articles I had written for Good Woodworking Magazine circa 2001. These articles touch upon the in’s and out’s of a maker with information about hand tools, veneering, glue ups and more detailed information for my own design process within some of my furniture pieces. Enjoy.

Veneers and veneering Part 1

2272 Words - Posted on 4th February 2015

Mr Veneering is I believe a Dickensian, or was it Goldsworthy, character who was named in such a manner as to indicate a rather thin personality, someone lacking in integrity and solidity. We have this view of veneering being somehow shoddy and ... [read]

An extending circular dining table

1706 Words - Posted on 4th February 2015

This month we look at the challenge of designing and making an extending circular dining table. Circular dining tables can be easy to extend if you cut them in half and put one or two straight sided leaves into them. This gives you a 'D' ended table ... [read]

Wibbly Wobbly Hall Stand

1817 Words - Posted on 4th February 2015

One of the things I decided a few years ago when times were really tough was that never again would I work for clients that I didn't like. When one is making furniture to commission, one is invariable working for somebody in particular and unless ... [read]

Pearl Glue

2240 Words - Posted on 4th February 2015

We really are back on the cutting edge of woodworking technology this month with the hot glue pot. Now when I was at school, the woodworking shop always had a certain aroma. It was a mixture of pine shavings, sweaty boys and dead animals. The dead ... [read]


1705 Words - Posted on 4th February 2015

It's quite cosmopolitan in our workshop at the moment. We have Floris from Holland, and Buz from Texas. Buz is one of the first of a new kind of student I seem to be attracting at the moment. Buz is a fully qualified designer, having spent time at ... [read]

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