Master Class Articles

Here are some of my articles I had written for Good Woodworking Magazine circa 2001. These articles touch upon the in’s and out’s of a maker with information about hand tools, veneering, glue ups and more detailed information for my own design process within some of my furniture pieces. Enjoy.

Draw your way to better woodworking

1620 Words - Posted on 18th February 2016
David drawing and design - Learn to draw article

Most of us use our eyes to avoid bumping into things; we probably are only using 20 percent of our visual ability. I had a student some years ago at Rowden Workshops who had a history in the special forces. "I've never drawn in my life," he said in a ... [read]

Danielle’s Table

2492 Words - Posted on 9th February 2015
Rosewood Coffee Table

This is the story of a special table for a special place for a special lady. It was now quite a few years ago that I made “Elvis”. This was a very elegant curvy Rosewood low occasional table that I made for a regular client of mine who now lives ... [read]

Maple and glass display cabinet

2022 Words - Posted on 9th February 2015
wobbly cabinet

Just to give you a break from all the veneering I've been doing recently, I thought I'd tell you about a glass shelved display system that Brian Moon made for me just before his departure for the States. Nicky is an old client of mine who for a while ... [read]

Veneering and Veneers part 3

2282 Words - Posted on 9th February 2015

This is the third in a series of articles about veneering but in this article I'm going to be concentrating on the finishing details – in this case decorative details called banding and inlaying. What's the difference between these two processes? ... [read]

Veneers and Veneering Part 2

2285 Words - Posted on 9th February 2015

Last month I talked about how veneers have come to be used in furniture making, how this is not a cheap and shoddy technique but a technique with the potential of using the most beautiful woods available in an efficient and technically sound way. We ... [read]

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