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Enjoy Expertly Delivered Design Courses to Hone Your Skills We welcome students to learn furniture design from all around the world

Furniture Design Course Options
There are different ways to learn woodworking & furniture design at Rowden

Read on for the different course types available from our expert tutors

One week woodworking short course LEARN WHAT COMES BEFORE DESIGN

You will learn woodworking with the guidance of our expert furniture makers, exploring how to handle the basics to a professional standard. Create beautiful work with the help of our expertise and develop the skills you'll need to make your designs a reality.


Thinking about transitioning into serious woodworking, but don't have half a year or more to spare? Learn woodworking at one of our one-month fine woodworking courses and move towards professional woodworking and furniture building standards. Here, our classes will intricately help you to learn all of the basics, the same as you would for our three, six and twelve-month courses, with projects specially-created for both beginners and the more experienced. This is moving into the deeper, immersive methods of woodworking and furniture design, and you will be surrounded by a level of craftsmanship you can aspire to.


During an intensive six-month course, not only will you learn all of the basics such as the different tools you will be using but also get a chance to try some of our more advanced projects. These will include how to draw up a big project such as a workbench, and French Polish your own jewellery box. At this level of course, the focus expands from core woodworking skills to some of the other techniques you'll need to become a successful furniture designer - like drawing. Learn fine furniture design from one of the country's leading bespoke furniture workshops - we live and breathe design every day!

Twelve Month designer-maker courses FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIVES

This is for the serious amongst you. Those of you who are ready to make a change in your life. To really surround themselves with furniture design and furniture making for a whole year. Not only do you get to learn some great traditional skills but also drawing, advanced design and how to run a woodworking business successfully. This intense workshop training gives you a good foundation to make your own way to become a furniture maker.

Expert help at hand...
Meet the professional team of tutors, designers and mentors here at Rowden

More than 35 years of experience, ready to help you learn furniture design

It’s not about qualifications or prior experience, it IS about attitude and personal qualities.

Exceptional furniture design students of all ages

Our great challenge and joy is working with people who are hungry to squeeze every available piece of information from our tutors, from fellow students and from the experience as a whole. A great furniture design student is one who is totally open to absorbing all the inspiration they can from their surroundings.

We employ two full-time staff – Daren Millman and Jon Greenwood – who are both highly skilled furniture makers and patient teachers. We are also proud to have Ed Wild with us; a national award-winning furniture maker, who balances his time teaching our students to design beautiful furniture with running his own furniture making business.

Doing this since 1984

Sooooo….. we are starting to get the hang of it. Between us we have over ONE HUNDRED YEARS EXPERIENCE in this furniture design business.

Learn Furniture Design at Exhibition Quality

“Quality is what we do, YOU will do it too, from day one. We will teach you all stages from choosing hand tools, to picking out wood, to developing your drawings, and building a portfolio of work. There are lots of design schools, courses, and magazines that are great for showing you an amateur way of getting a good result. An amateur has no excuse for poor work other than lack of understanding, the amateur has all day to get it right, the professional has not. They must do it right, first time, every day.”
David Savage, Founder at Rowden Atelier

furniture design by students at Rowden

Course Price List

Learn furniture design skills with one of our course options, open to all abilities:

  • Twelve Month Designer / Maker – £19,950
  • Six Month Designer / Maker – £12,810
  • One Month course – £3,486
  • One Week course – £870
  • Weekend course – £360

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