Bespoke luxury furniture


“We define ourselves by the cars we drive, by the clothes we wear and by the furniture in our homes.”

Imagine meeting with an artist-craftsman, somebody with over 35 years of experience in creating bespoke pieces of luxury furniture that are expressions of the individuals involved in their creation. Say this again, expressions of the individuals involved in their creation.

That is you.

Our bespoke furniture commissions are made for somebody like you. Somebody with imagination. Someone with an intensity of purpose that demands expression in a different and new way. You are not content with the ordinary, you want the unique. To do this you need help, a sympathetic creative expert, a modern bespoke luxury furniture designer, you need someone like David Savage.

This is not just straightforward, these ideas don’t come out of the sky. Our bespoke furniture commissions come from an interaction with you; your ideas, wants and needs; and from David. Don’t choose to work with him unless you like his work. In his 60s, he is a bespoke furniture designer that knows what he’s doing. He is used to working with successful and demanding international clients, creating high-quality handmade furniture designs in any style.

A luxury furniture bespoke games table

First Steps…

The first step is to meet with David, either at his studio in North Devon, or better still at your home. It is important for him to see where the piece of luxury furniture you have in mind may eventually live.

What do you have in mind?

He will talk through, with you, what it is you have in mind. He will ask about the function but more important he will want to find out what kind of home you want. This is important in the process of bespoke furniture design.


What does this piece of furniture say about you? What values do you want to express? What are the values you hold? What are the things you care about?

David will return…

You will be given an idea of costs, as well as an idea of how long the process will take, and David will return within a short period with drawings of two solutions to your request. Either can be taken up and modified and extended. This is the process we are in. You are a part of it. This is your furniture.

So much can be said most eloquently in a piece of unique hand made furniture.

luxury furniture designer painting

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