In Pursuit of Imperfection – A Walnut dining table

Walnut dining table at a clients house

This piece is a design for Daniela, an old client from years ago. A Walnut dining table. From the image above you can see the table in situ and you can also see the beautiful surroundings in the room. Daniela came to me with a brief, to draw the eye to the wonderful piece of sculpture by Annish Kapoor which sits at the end of the table.

Walnut designer table detail

We did this with two pieces of sequential Walnut that married together on the table top but were separate. So a wandering line down the centre of the table takes the eye there. The ends of the table were also left as they came from the chainsaw. We cleaned up the marks made by the saw, smoothing and polishing the surface, but the graphics of the cut were left evident in the ends of the table top.

In the picture below you can see the finish I have used. A high strength marine varnish with oil and genuine turpentine. A process that gives you a shine but lets you see the wood clearly and is not full gloss. The perfect finish which creates a strong surface allowing for more general use and abuse.

Walnut designer table polish detail

Daniela is a psychologist, she has taught me a thing or two over the years: “You taught me ages ago about perfection and how slight imperfection is more human and less oppressive.” This was the basis of the piece. One that I like to take to each of my pieces, in fact. It shows the furniture has been created and cared for by hand, knowing that each maker has put a bit of themselves into the piece making it unique.

To find out more about this table and the process taken upon its creation please read up about it in my blogs. Follow the ‘In Pursuit of Imperfection’ category.

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