The “Gracie” Dining Chairs Set

David Savage designer maker - Gracie sisters
  • Name: Dining chairs set
  • Dimensions: w 100 / h 500 / l 500
  • Material: French Walnut with Oil Polish / Waxed Sycamore
  • Cost: £2,000 / $3,250 (per chair)
  • Availability: Y
Above: Side profile of the Gracie in walnut

Above: Side profile of the Gracie in walnut

This is an example of a design that I developed for a client who decided not to proceed. In such instances we may then sell the idea to another client.

I was asked to make drawings for a modern dining table and a dining chairs set for a client with a very modern London house. As you entered the house you looked across an enclosed loggia to a dining room visible through a long, floor to ceiling, glass wall. modern materials were everywhere steel glass white marble floors hard straight lines predominated.


Into this rigid modern format I wanted to bring the warmth of timber and wavy lines. I had an idea for dining chairs set backs that waved up and down as the eye moved down the line of ten chairs. Like a family, ten sisters, all similar but each one a slightly different individual.

Gracie and her sisters were born.

However, we had to wait for a few years before we could make the full set. We made Gracie as a prototype chair but the cost was eventually prohibitive to my lovely client. Gracie was shown at exhibitions and pretty soon her sisters were made for a Welsh farmhouse in French walnut. Later still two more chairs were added to complete the set and a matching Bespoke Games Table was also developed in burr oak and walnut.

Designing Gracie was such a success that it encouraged me to make a Blonde Version with a similar curved glass topped circular table. All these pieces are evolving naturally but would not have happened without the intervention of my client. Thank you Amir, and thank you Quentin and Carol.

Amirs table and Gracie chairs drawing



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