Sycamore Designer shoe cabinets

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  • Name: Sycamore designer shoe cabinets
  • Dimensions: w 1 / h 1 / l 1
  • Material: Sycamore
  • Availability: N

Alongside our dining table and chair set the client wanted two cabinets to be placed either side of the doorway for keeping shoes in.

Lots of factors come in to play when creating something which has a very specific purpose. You have to take into account how the shoes are stored, sizes of shoes and what kind of shoes are being stored. Practical ideas for practical designs. Once this has accounted for you can then think about materials and dimensions to fit these purposes.

Practical ideas for practical designs

All part of the design process. When working with furniture, you need to have what the client intends to use it for in mind, else you end up with a pointless design and an unhappy client. This piece, in fact, went through multiple design ideas that were going back and forth between our digital artist Phil Mayne, myself and the client. Nothing is ever right the first time and it’s good to have people to bounce ideas off as sometimes they will have a fresh perspective they can bring to the table.

Phil was actually the guy who helped me come up with the design for the patterned marquetry on this piece. It was a matter of using a photo the client had given us, taking inspiration from a pattern where the cabinets would be stored next to, and applying that to our design process.

What we ended up with was something that not only looked good on it’s own but would blend in well with it’s surroundings.


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