Modern Dining Table in Solid Walnut and Aluminium

amir's bespoke modern dining table
  • Name: Amir's modern Dining Table
  • Dimensions: w 3250 / h 800 / l 750
  • Material: Solid Walnut and Aluminium
  • Cost: Allow up to £20,000 ($35,000) to create a piece of this stature
  • Availability: Y

Amir rang me after seeing our website. “I’m looking for a large dining table to seat an occasional twenty, but more usable for just the two of us”. “I also want it to have no legs, and no visible means of support. I want it to just hang there”… “Shall we use sky hooks?” was my immediate answer

A shot of the extension piece of Amir's Bespoke modern Dining Table

I was invited out to meet Amir and his partner to see the incredible space that this piece of furniture was going to occupy. The house was a north London property that had been recently modernised. The house was built around a central garden with glass walls looking out onto the lovely green space. It had light and airy rooms with white marble floors to catch and reflect the light.


The challenge for me was to bring into this modern space, a space with harsh modern dead flat surfaces, something of the organic quality of the garden that was outside. My task was also to answer Amir’s rather challenging brief.

I went away rather puzzled, but I gave the problem my usual two weeks of thinking time. I always do this, I reflect the brief back to my client asking them have I got this right? This is what it might cost, if you need to tell me anything else, get in touch before I start on the drawings in two weeks.

Ideas need time to gestate in the back of the head. I returned with two drawings of different ideas. The solution to the big table small table problem was to have two tables. One long, imposing, beast of a table that sat in the middle of the room, and the other smaller table for two that would more usually be placed near the open plan kitchen and living area. The two tables would join together to form one long formal table for twenty when the family came for lunch.

The floating part of the brief was tricky but the answer came with the idea of a dark walnut table top supported on reflective shiny aluminium legs. The white of the floor bouncing off the legs gives the illusion we wanted.


amir's floating table drawing

The organic sense I needed came by putting a heartbeat down the centre of the table. Bump-bump, bump-bump… The dining table was made from two pieces of walnut with a natural edge to each piece of wood. We simply copied nature and enhanced the way timber grows.


Assembling the modern dining table in the client’s house was like a piece of performance art. Two craftsmen in clean new aprons carried in aluminium legs placing them at carefully measured positions. Then in came the beautifully polished walnut components that link to the legs together. These are tapped together and bolts inserted to hold the structure. Finally the top was placed on and again fixed. The whole operation caught Amir’s attention and was recorded by my client as the beautiful modern dining table came together faultlessly before his eyes.

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