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John's Chair

I suppose these chairs are also love chairs, except these don’t fit inside each other. These are two chairs made for two distinct individuals, Fenella and John. I was asked to come out of their Devon home and talk to them about making a chair for each of them.

Fenella's chair

Fenella’s Chair with wings and twiddle.

I’m used to making chairs to suit the person. A chair, Johns chair that has the image of John written all over it.It looks like John has just got out of it leaving an impression of his body behind.


John was a big boned man, no fuss and frills, he wanted a chair that they could polish himself with the action of his body rubbing against it. A big, no cushion but comfy, no fuss chair.

Fenella is very different. Her chair was to sit by the front door to the house. She wanted to be able to curl up in it and read books. The draughts from the door troubled her, so we created an upholstered chair and made “wings” that would keep the draughts out and enclose her. Oh, she also wanted “a twiddle”. As she said that her hand described the perfect Circle.

So we gave her a twiddle.

These are chairs specific to two people and specific to one place.


John and Fenella chairs drawing

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