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Love chairs contemporary chair design

“Two chairs that are like separate individuals; happy to be apart but equally happy to come together; to fit inside each other, and create a third identity; a relationship”

close up of the love chairs

It all started when I was getting married to Carol. The Rector of our village church suggested that we have a couple of my chairs that we sat in during the service.

“You can have a ‘For Sale’ sign on the back and maybe sell a couple to the congregation.”


He was having fun but I took the idea and played with it. The first pair of loveseats we got married in, they were made in a great rush and with a serious deadline.

The second pair of lovechairs came about because of the first. Nickie saw a postcard of them at an exhibition we had in London. “We are doing up this house and we will have this long room with windows along one side overlooking the downs and those would look so great.” But, I said, and explained the story. “Fine,” said Nickie, “do a loveseat about us” She described herself as the flighty one swishing her arm to the heavens and her husband as the solid stable influence always there for them.

The version three love chair was a gas. “Come and see the house” said Emma. I thought we were in it, but no, we drove through the only snowstorm of the year, through a parkland, crossing a bridge over the narrow end of a lake. A pair of wolfhounds bounded along beside the Range Rover and I saw a glimpse of the house.

Wagner should have been playing in the background.

Neo-Gothic splendor, built to house an art collection started in 1700. And they want me to do their first addition to the collection. What a gas.

I ended up making the pair of chairs shown above, they look pretty wild until you place them in this huge frothy visual symphony room where they just play third violin on the left.

This loveseat, “Love Chairs Vers 3“, made in pearwood, reflects a lovely young couple dancing the Tango. Each pair of love chairs is a new design, developed to reflect who you are, where the chairs will go, and what you want to say about yourselves. Flashy and vivacious, or quiet and loving. Each pair of love chairs takes a different form.

These highly exclusive loveseat projects are special commissions designed just for you that will take a long time to evolve and execute, but it can be an interesting and rewarding journey

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