Glass topped table with labernum oyster details

Glass and walnut echoes topped table
  • Name: Labernum Tri-Legged Table
  • Dimensions: w 700 / h 700 / l 700
  • Material: Walnut and Labernum with stainless steel dots and a glass top
  • Cost: £3000.00 from the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. Or contact David to discuss developing this theme.
  • Availability: Y
Glass and walnut echoes topped table top

A detail view of the Labrernum oysters with stainless steel dots

A walnut glass topped table with echoes of The way flower stamens are arranged by nature. Using Labernum Oyster veneers and stainless steel dots this simple but evocative table is a David Savage classic. Get one at £3000 from Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

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