Elvis Low Coffee Table

A low, elegant and polished rosewood coffee table
  • Name: Low coffee table
  • Dimensions: w 1400 / h 400 / l 400
  • Material: Solid plantation grown rosewood
  • Cost: £5,000 ($8,000) for native hardwood upto £15,000 ($23,000) for tropical hardwood
  • Availability: Y

Low rosewood Elvis coffee table endI’d known Giselle for a couple of years before we started talking about a low coffee table. We made a pair of lamp tables for her, and a dining table in Sycamore which extended out to seat ten So we were were getting to know one another pretty well.

Giselle likes the idea of extraordinary things being made for her, and making a family home special and individual.

She wanted unusual things and was happy to support my ideas and encourage me to develop different and difficult designs even if she couldn’t afford to have them made for a while. Or, not at all; two pieces we started hit the buffers as we both learned how costs of a design would exceeded her budget. It is always best to learn this at the planning stage.


Elvis came about after Giselle had visited a gallery in Paris she sent me a photo taken on her phone of a low table which looked like it had been made in the 1920s in solid rosewood
“Can you do something along those lines?”
I never make reproductions of other people’s work but I am happy to develop the idea.

We have had to have Elvis re polished a couple of times now. My three children have grown up around Elvis playing, learning to write, doing art its just the right height for little ones.

Low rosewood Elvis coffee table foot

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