Family Designer Dining Table

The Black's long designer dining table with love chairs
  • Name: The "Black" designer Dining Table
  • Dimensions: w 4000 / h 900 / l 700
  • Cost: Allow a budget of £40,000 ($65,000) for a project like this to start
  • Availability: Y

How is it that whenever the telephone rings you are always laying some precious veneer or finishing a large watercolour wash? The phone rang, and I struggled to answer it, “Good morning my name is Ann and we have a newly completed barn conversion that we want a designer dining table and chairs as a centrepiece. Can you help me?”

alternative angle of the Black'sdesigner dining table

I went to to their new home near Petersfield and met her husband Tom.We then began a relationship that continues to the present day. When you work with good client, they get the best from you, supporting, challenging and helping develop your ideas. It is what used to be called “Creative Patronage”. Tom and Ann were, for me, that kind of client.


The first piece we made was the designer dining table with a set of four pairs of Love Chairs. “We need something very solid; a new piece because the house is new but the building is old. We need something that is not too precious, a designer dining table that the children can throw school satchels onto when they come home… But is also a special centrepiece to the house”.


I made furniture for the dining room, a cinema unit for the living room, a set of garden seats, a luxury seat for Tom and bed room furniture for their London apartment. All probably over a fifteen year period. I saw their girls grow into young women and they heard of my babies turning into expensive teenagers. This is how a relationship between artist and client can develop, at its best. Thank you Tom, and Thank you Ann

Drawing of thedesigner Dining table

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