Oak Wood Designer Chair – Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave - oak dining chair
  • Name: Crazy Dave - Oak Dining Chair
  • Dimensions: w 600 / h 700 / l 500
  • Material: Darkened Oak (pictured) / Brown Oak / Light Oak / Other woods can be discussed
  • Cost: £1,400 ($2,500) as a single chair, or £2,400 ($3,800) for a matched pair
  • Availability: Y

Mad Bastard! “Crazy Dave”, is not quite a modern man. Combining sensuality with strength. Straight edged modernism, with Victorian values. A curve with a straight line. Available a single chair in Brown Oak, Light Oak, Sycamore, and Blackened Oak. Use as a feature chair or at a table. Buy now, we will bring a “Crazy Dave” to your home to sit in, admire, and confirm your commission, before we make your chair.

Not all designs have a customer involved with them.

Designer Chair “Andromeda” led to “Perseus“.

Perseus is probably the most complex and technically difficult designer chair that we have ever made. Daren Millman created a wonderful chair back as I wanted to echo the idea of smoke and sensuality, using thin laminated forms carefully fitted to each other to make a strong, resilient, back.


Andromeda and Perseus led to a whole family of designer chairs. First of all came “Older Brother“, then “Crazy Dave“, “The Swinger“, the “Sleeping Baby” Rocker and the “Xzen” Chair.

All of these were chairs designed to fit comfortably in a modern home; to be a handmade contribution to modern living in an age when everything is outsourced to Asia and cut, without a craftsman’s care, on a CNC machine.

Our strap line is “Never knowingly made by Robots”

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