Honduras Rosewood Chaise Lounge / Day bed

maggie rose's chaise lounge
  • Name: Chaise Lounge / Day bed
  • Dimensions: w 2500 / h 1000 / l 700
  • Material: Honduras Rosewood
  • Cost: £12,000 / $18,000
  • Availability: Y

I first met Maggie Rose in 2003. She worked as a property locator and consultant to people seeking high-value homes in London. She had a lovely art deco house in St John’s Wood. The furniture I made for her were flavoured by that art deco house.

First The Clemetis Luxury Table, a cherrywood version of a piece that I’d made for another client. Than a library, again in Cherrywood. During the time these pieces were being made I filed for bankruptcy following a client failing to pay for the work we had made for him.

chaise lounge square

I had to explain to Maggie that she wouldn’t get her table! “This could happen to any one of us” she said. “Don’t worry about it, but can we buy the pieces you were working on at liquidator auction and get them finished? This we did. Without Maggie and her faith in me at that moment, I don’t think I would still be making furniture now.


Soon I had established another workshop here at Rowden and was making furniture with the help of one skilled maker Nick Chandler. The freedom of not having 20 people dependent upon me was incredible and we made some great pieces during this time. One of them was The Honduras Rosewood Chaise Lounge for Maggie Rose. “I want a chaise lounge that I can collapse on, watch the telly and put a glass of gin and tonic just there”.

Maggie is a vivacious lady in her prime, and I wanted to make something that expressed all of her intense love of life. We made the chaise lounge in Honduras Rosewood laminating tight curves and creating lines that were evocative of the energy of free, handwritten calligraphy, japanese ink with a big brush.

Later we made a hatstand for the hallway of her St John’s Wood house again in Rosewood with sycamore details “Nothing to practical just something I can hang a scarf over”

That hallway nearly finished me off. When delivering the chaise lounge we came across a problem. Unlike most furniture this chaise lounge was all “sticky outy bits” My measurements of the hallway hadn’t quite allowed for this and we had to remove Maggie’s front door. With the help of Paul, a wonderful delivery guy, we got it in and I collected a badly needed cheque but I would not want to move it out again now.


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