‘Beijing Ripple’ – Bespoke Cabinets in Sycamore

beijing wiggle bespoke cabinets
  • Name: Beijing Wiggle bespoke cabinets
  • Dimensions: w 0 / h 0 / l 0
  • Material: English Sycamore with wax finish
  • Cost: £30,000 / $47,000
  • Availability: Y

Unique handmade furniture. Completed during the spectacular Beijing Olympic Games this matched pair of bespoke cabinets, made in Sycamore, were named after seeing the White Water Canoe Racing. The wriggling curves of this piece were evocative of the way water flows and rushes about obstacles.

beijing wiggle detail

My client asked me for two bespoke cabinets to go along the walls of their Liverpool home. We looked at various timbers and she selected English Sycamore with a wax finish this keeps the timber blonde without making it too shiny. They wanted something unusual, and asked to have two mirrors made to go on the wall behind.

The figuring or marking within the timber on the tops of the cabinets were particularly important and the idea was that the Mirror would reflect and double that effect.


Made for a private home “Beijing Wiggle” bespoke cabinets were made by Jonathan Greenwood, assisted by Peter Watson. For a commission of similar complexity allow a budget of in excess of £30,000 and a design and making cycle of up to two years

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