Designer Chair – Andromeda made in Sycamore

  • Name: Andromeda
  • Dimensions: w 600 / h 700 / l 500
  • Material: Sycamore and Wax finish
  • Availability: N

Not all designs have a customer involved with them.smaller detail of andromeda

Designer Chair “Andromeda” led to “Perseus“.

Perseus is probably the most complex and technically difficult designer chair that we have ever made. Daren Millman created a wonderful chair back as I wanted to echo the idea of smoke and sensuality, using thin laminated forms carefully fitted to each other to make a strong, resilient, back.


Andromeda and Perseus led to a whole family of designer chairs. First of all came “Older Brother“, then “Crazy Dave“, “The Swinger“, the “Sleeping Baby” Rocker and the “Xzen” Chair.

All of these were chairs designed to fit comfortably in a modern home; to be a handmade contribution to modern living in an age when everything is outsourced to Asia and cut, without a craftsman’s care, on a CNC machine.


Our strap line is “Never knowingly made by Robots”


detail of Andromeda from behind

David Savage

David Savage was a master craftsman and the inspiration behind Rowden Atelier. It is his ideals and his lifetime link with the Arts and Crafts movement, which drives our ethics and our quality. Published author and globally renowned maker in the bespoke luxury furniture business, David sadly passed away at the start of 2019. He is sorely missed, but his articles and his work live on.
David Savage

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